Replication Toolkit

The Interreg MED INCIRCLE ( project, which started at the end of 2019, has developed and tested a "toolkit" of tools for the transformation of the tourism sector according to the principles of the circular economy, declined on 4 "pillars": waste management, water management, sustainable mobility and renewable energy sources.

INCIRCLE is now entering the replication phase (June 2021 – June 2022), with which it aims to support 6 territories interested in developing, also with a view to recovering from the pandemic crisis, a circular tourism strategy that puts at the center the protection of resources and the environment but also local stakeholders, involved in a dedicated participatory process.

The 6 replicating territories will be selected by means of a replication call, opening on June 15 until July 21st. All related information and documents can be found at

The project not only shares a toolkit online but will make available to the selected replicating territories the know-how of its technical partners (Albanian Institute of Transport, Area Science Park, Civinet, Energy and Water Energy, Medcities, Scuola Superiore Sant'Anna), a real "online school" for training on the aforementioned topics (to be organized in October 2021) and a professional expert, who will support those responsible for the territories involved in the development of the strategy. Furthermore, support of territories who underwent the same procedure in the first InCircle phase and of the experts who developed InCircle tools, through peer-review study visits and meetings, will be available as well.

The toolkit, including tools and methodologies developed by the project which can be downloaded at the bottom of the page, is composed as follows:

  • Operational Model Toolkit
  • Participatory Process Toolkit
  • Strategy Evaluation Toolkit
  • Summary of Circularity Indicators
  • Summary of Strategies
  • Tools and methodologies developed by the project


In the replication phase, it is foreseen as well to implement tailor-made testing activities to tackle the specific needs of the tourism sector of the territory, especially by taking into account the needs risen after the covid- 19 crisis. Such activities will be in line with the strategies under development and will aim at tackling one or more of INCIRCLE four pillars.

The support provided by InCircle will be adapted to fit the needs and particularities of the territory selected to be a replicating territory as much as possible. InCircle is aware that some territories might already have their strategies, in which case the approach would be adapting and improving them so that circularity is embedded within.


Do you want to know more?

Do you need assistance to better understand what the INCIRCLE methodology is about and how it can be of help for you?

You can contact:

  • MEDCITIES (Spain), the coordinator of INCIRCLE replication phase
  • Area Science Park (Italy), INCIRCLE Lead Partner
  • One of the other INCIRCLE technical partners:
    • Albanian Institute of Transport (Albania)
    • Anetel (Cyprus)
    • Civinet (Greece)
    • Energy and Water Agency (Malta)
    • Scuola Superiore Sant'Anna (Italy)

You will find all the contact information in the “Contact us” section of the Knowledge Platform.