Best practices

Waste Management
Policy Instrument
Law 8/2019, February 19th, of waste and contaminated soils of the Balearic Islands
Reducing the amount of waste generated at source is regarded as the higher priority according to the waste hierarchy established in the Waste Framework Directive
Waste prevention
Sustainable waste management
Balearic Islands, Spain
Public Authority/ies (Regional): Govern de les Illes Balears
Waste Management
Coop - Green Cluster
COOP-Green Cluster is the new initiative by AKTI Project and Research Centre, created to utilize the potential arising from dynamic inter-firm collaboration
Republic of Cyprus, Cyprus
75,000.00 €
Concrete solutions
From Cika Highlands to the beach
The Emblematic Mediterranean Mountains network (EMM) was launched in 2013 and consists (as of 2019) of 9 partners representing 9 mountain areas along the Mediterranean coast, which share common challenges
Himara, Albania
Public Authority/ies (National): Himara Municipality
149,491.00 €
Policy Instrument
Promotion of Energy Audits in Small and Medium Sized Enterprises Scheme
Enterprises are given the opportunity to engage with a certified energy auditor who will analyze and outline an energy review of the entity’s activities
Energy Efficiency
Republic of Malta, Malta
Sectoral agency/ies: The Energy and Water Agency
50,000.00 € Annum
Waste Management
Concrete solutions
Urban Innovative Actions -A2UF
A2UFood proposes a holistic management scheme in which all aspects of reduction, reuse, and recycling of food waste are included
Holistic Approach
Food waste
Urban Environment
Municipality of Heraklion, Crete, Greece
Public Authority/ies (Local)
500,000.00 €
Waste Management
Concrete solutions
Zero Waste Future program in CY
Recovery and recycling of the most common marine litter items are important steps in halting the inflow of items into the marine environment and are also critical first steps in promoting the Circular Economy. Recovery and recycling are particularly critical in island countries, such as Cyprus.
Recovery and recycling of marine litter
zero waste beaches
zero waste cities
Republic of Cyprus, Cyprus
250,000.00 €
Waste Management
Concrete solutions
TIGANOKINISI: turning domestic used cooking oil into biofuel
Tiganokinisi, an educational, environmental programme which focuses on the collection and recycling of used cooking oil, has been successfully applied in more than 400 education units all over Cyprus.
Republic of Cyprus, Cyprus
150,000.00 €
Tools and methodologies
LOCATIONS Operational Model
The LOCATIONS operational model was designed to support MED cruise destination cities in developing their Low Carbon Transport Plans (LCTP)
Low carbon transport
Cruise destinations
Sustainable Mobility
Planning Guidelines
Zaragoza, Spain
Higher education and research institution(s): Fundacion CIRCE
Waste Management
Concrete solutions
Collection of household food waste at the source and its valorization for the production of bioCNG
Collection of household food waste at the source and its valorization for the production of bioCNG (compressed natural gas) to fuel the collection trucks and the generation of compost from the digestate.
Food waste
Anaerobic digestion
Halandri, Greece
Public Authority/ies (Local): Halandri Municipality
455,000.00 €
Waste Management
Concrete solutions
Zero Beach
Zero Beach project aims at promoting the application of zero waste strategies at the beaches along the coast of Catalonia.
Recovery and recycling of marine litter
Catalonia, Spain
Pilot sites
Waste Management
Concrete solutions
A network of street drinking water fountains with water bottles distribution to reduce single use plastic from bottled mineral water
Being conscious that the amount of single use plastic bottles which generate local and tourist people in a normal day, but mainly during summer, our local pilot project aims to develop a network of street water fountains along the city (the main focus in tourist areas) together with the distribution of water bottles (in hotels, shops, restaurants, etc).
Rethymno, Crete
Concrete solutions
Electromobility supported by RES
The local demonstrator aims to combine Renewable Energy Sources and mobility. It consists of infrastructure for both e-cars and e-bicycles/e-scooters.