Best practices

Waste Management
Waste Prevention Program
Measures to reduce waste production. The program aims to reduce waste production through a different number of measures.
Promotion of circular economy
Palma, Spain
Public Authority/ies (Local): Environmental Councilor
1,027,952.00 €
Concrete solutions
Electromobility in Rethymno City
Rethymno Municipality aims to promote e-mobility as a way to upgrade the environment for citizens and tourist with sustainable mobility and sustainable development. Also, Rethymno aspires to become a “green tourism destination” with the expansion of the EV charging stations network with expanded and improved options of “green” mobility.
Sustainable Mobility
Holistic Approach
private - public cooperation
Rethymno, Greece
Public Authority/ies (Local): Rethymno Municipality, Infrastructure and Service Provider(s): Lime, Infrastructure and Service Provider(s): Public Transport Operator (KTEL), Infrastructure and Service Provider(s): Eazybike_Brainbox
e-car 39,928€, e-bus 135,964€ (93,364€ e-bus lease, 42,600€ e-bus drivers), EV chargers 18,586€
Concrete solutions
Real-time traffic data collection using thermal cameras
Rethymno Municipality is collecting and analyzing data sets to support decision making, mobility measures assessment and the improvement of the SUMP action plan.
Real-time IT platform
Traffic congestion
Thermal cameras
Traffic data
Rethymno, Greece
Public Authority/ies (Local): Rethymno Municipality
45,136.00 €
Tools and methodologies
Package of SUMP guidelines/templates to be used by other municipalities
Rethymno Municipality aims to provide guidelines in a dynamic form with new updated versions based on updated guidelines and legislation in national and European level. Rethymno Municipality developed the Sustainable Urban Mobility Plan (SUMP) for the city and the wider area, combining the needs of visitors, residents, inter-regional mobility and public transport services.
Coastal Municipalities
Sustainable Mobility
Sustainable tourism
Rethymno, Greece
Public Authority/ies (Local): Municipality of Rethymno
50,000.00 €
Green Key ecolabel
The Green Key award is a leading standard of excellence in the field of environmental responsibility and sustainable operation within the tourism industry. It has been awarded to 3,200 establishments in 65 countries making it one of the largest international tourism ecolabels for tourism accommodation (109 establishments in Crete awarded with the Green Key, 24 of which in Rethymno).
Environmental and sustainability management
Environmental and sustainability awareness
Sustainable tourism
Rethymno, Greece
NGO(s): World Tourism Organization, NGO(s): UNEP
• Hotels 1000€ annually • Campsites, holiday parks, conference centers 750€ annually • Small accommodations, attractions, restaurants 500€ annually • Plus additional audit costs 500€ for each category
Concrete solutions
Kythnos Smart Island
The Smart Islands Initiative is a bottom-up effort of European island authorities and communities which seeks to communicate the significant potential of islands to function as laboratories for technological, social, environmental, economic and political innovation.
Clean Energy
Water saving
Kythnos, Greece
NGO(s): DAFNI – Network of Sustainable Greek Islands
7,980,000.00 €
Waste Management
Concrete solutions
UCO to Biodiesel chain
Used Cooking Oils-if incorrectly disposed-are a problematic waste with harmful environmental effects, but if collected and recycled it can constitute an energy resource. Recycling UCO to biodiesel contributes to the reduction of environmental pollution and to fossil fuel dependence.
Used Cooking Oil
Rethymno, Greece
Public Authority/ies (Local): Rethymno Municipality
54,000.00 €
Concrete solutions
“Sustainable Tourism” Projects of the campsite “La Fontaine du Hallate”
The objective of this campsite was the creation of an environmentally friendly and handcrafted accommodation.
Eco camping
Sustainable accommodation
Energy footprint
Plougoumelen, Bretagne, France
SME(s): Camping La Fontaine du Hallate
Subsidies and premiums for the implementation of solar panels to heat the water, the lighting methods and the systems to reduce the consumption of water.
Concrete solutions
Citizenship, in responsible tourist class
Citizenship, in responsible tourist class is an educational project that shows the social value and the human potential to create a better world through actions, behaviors and daily attitudes.
Citizenship participation
Cultural diversity
Environment protection
Gender equity
Human rights
Alto Guadalquivir, Spain
NGO(s): Asociación Centro de Iniciativas para la Cooperación Batá (CIC Batá)
68,000.00 €
Concrete solutions
Cycle routes in Tunisia by Rutas Pangea
Rutas Pangea is a Spanish travel agency that is specialized in biking and hiking tourism. They organize whole tours whose main form of transport is bicycle, and they support their clients with necessary and sufficient means to let them complete the trip on their own.
Bike routes
Mountain tracks
Cycling holidays
Cultural immersion
Slow philosophy
Tunisia, Tunisia
SME(s): Rutas Pangea
Pilot sites
Waste Management
Concrete solutions
A network of street drinking water fountains with water bottles distribution to reduce single use plastic from bottled mineral water
Being conscious that the amount of single use plastic bottles which generate local and tourist people in a normal day, but mainly during summer, our local pilot project aims to develop a network of street water fountains along the city (the main focus in tourist areas) together with the distribution of water bottles (in hotels, shops, restaurants, etc).
Rethymno, Crete
Concrete solutions
Electromobility supported by RES
The local demonstrator aims to combine Renewable Energy Sources and mobility. It consists of infrastructure for both e-cars and e-bicycles/e-scooters.