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Waste Management
Concrete solutions
The Climate’s Route
Physical & conceptual itineraries (tours, gymkhanas and other educational or recreational activities) across territories, around the climate emergency, to see the impacts, understand the causes and connections, and experience the solutions in terms of social mobilization, direct democracy, local wellbeing economies, nature-based solutions, critical thinking, regenerative cultures and arts. It is aimed at residents and tourists that wish to delve deeper into the issue, as well as schools and academic institution, and companies and professionals.
Climate crisis
Social Mobilisation
Málaga, Barcelona and Madrid, Spain
NGO(s): Social Climate - Social Innovation for Climate Action
It requires only a low initial investment, incurs in low operational costs (remuneration of tour guides and collaborators, knowledge updates, digital marketing and portfolio diversification)
Concrete solutions
European SETCOM - Sustainable Energy in Tourism dominated Communities
The European SETCOM project aimed to raise awareness on energy related topics and encouraged the use of sustainable energy in tourism across Europe.
Energy awareness
Resources saving
Cross-national cooperation
Potsdam, Brandeburg, Germany
Business support organisation(s): Potsdam Chamber of Commerce and Industry
1,383,586.00 €
Concrete solutions
Slow tourism in Train Zagreb/Sarajevo: From Central Europe to Balkans
Promoting the immersion of tourists in the destinations’ culture whilst reducing the energy footprint of tourists thanks to a route in a historic train. The journey begins in Zagreb, ends in Sarajevo and passes through Sisak (The Natural Park of Lonjsko Polje), Posavina and Banja Luka.
Local communities
Cultural immersion
Slow Mobility
Citizenship participation
Zagreb, Croatia
NGO(s): Bastina
8,500.00 €
Waste Management
Concrete solutions
T4F – Training for Sustainable Food System Development
T4F aims to develop professional training based on the development of “green skills” in the food sector in order to increase the number of jobs in sustainable development, to requalify professionals in the food sector in a wide sense towards more “green thinking”, and to encourage environmentally sound management.
Food systems
Sustainable food
Sustainable jobs
Food chain management
Bruxelles, Belgium
NGO(s): Pour la Solidarité - PLS (European think & do tank)
250,000.00 €
Tools and methodologies
Sustainable Territories at Provence-Alpes-Côte d’Azur
Sustainable Territories is a free online platform promoted by the Agence Régionale pour l’Environnement & l’Écodéveloppement Provence-Alpes-Côte d’Azur. Its objective is to encourage public stakeholders in the region to increase sustainability in the developing of their own projects.
Sustainable development
Companionship and coaching
Public local entities
Territorial development
Sustainability oriented resources
Marseille, France
Public Authority/ies (Regional): Agence régionale pour l’environnement & l’écodéveloppement Provence-Alpes-Côte d’Azur [ARPE PACA]
70,000.00 €
Concrete solutions
Teruel Siente Responsible Tourism Award
A comprehensive accompaniment to tourism stakeholders (both public and private: NGOs, public entities, companies) of the province in order to help them in the design and development of a long-term sustainability strategy.
Strategic planning
Sustainable strategy
Collaborative network
Rural and inland development
Sustainable practices implementation
Teruel, Aragón, Spain
Public Authority/ies (Regional): Teruel Province Government
50,000.00 €
Policy Instrument
Sustainability covenant and energy saving schemes of Torroella de Montgrí - L’Estartit
Torroella de Montgrí signed the Covenant of Mayors for Sustainable Energy in 2012 and approved the Sustainable Energy Action Plan in 2013. This is a European Union initiative to foster participation on the part of citizens and local government in the fight against global warming and climate change.
Sustainable commitment
Heritage protection
Political commitments
Torroella de Montgrí and L’Estartit, Girona, Spain
Public Authority/ies (Local): Municipality of Torroella de Montgrí-L’Estartit
1,000,000.00 €
Waste Management
Concrete solutions
Refill Now, revolutionize the way drinking water is consumed in a tourism destination
A million plastic bottles are bought around the world every minute and the number will jump another 20% by 2021. One of the main cause of the increase of plastic consumption is the tourism industry. With Refill Now with want to change that and our mission is to revolutionize the way drinking water is consumed in tourism destinations
Smart reusable bottles
Sustainable Tourism
Sustainable Destination
Smart City
Reduction of plastic
Elba Island, Tuscany, Italy
Other: ECO-2MD
Pilot sites
Waste Management
Concrete solutions
A network of street drinking water fountains with water bottles distribution to reduce single use plastic from bottled mineral water
Being conscious that the amount of single use plastic bottles which generate local and tourist people in a normal day, but mainly during summer, our local pilot project aims to develop a network of street water fountains along the city (the main focus in tourist areas) together with the distribution of water bottles (in hotels, shops, restaurants, etc).
Rethymno, Crete
Concrete solutions
Electromobility supported by RES
The local demonstrator aims to combine Renewable Energy Sources and mobility. It consists of infrastructure for both e-cars and e-bicycles/e-scooters.