Best practices

Policy Instrument
Promotion of Energy Audits in Small and Medium Sized Enterprises Scheme
Enterprises are given the opportunity to engage with a certified energy auditor who will analyze and outline an energy review of the entity’s activities
Energy Efficiency
Republic of Malta, Malta
Sectoral agency/ies: The Energy and Water Agency
50,000.00 € Annum
Concrete solutions
TILOS - Technology Innovation for the Local Scale, Optimum Integration of Battery Energy Storage
The project’s main goal is to demonstrate the potential of local / small-scale battery storage to serve a multipurpose role within an island micro grid that also interacts with a main electricity network.
Renewable Energy System
Micro grid energy management
Prototype battery
Tilos, Greece
Higher education and research institution(s): PANEPISTIMIO DYTIKIS ATTIKIS
13,738,570.00 €
Tools and methodologies
Nearly Zero Energy Hotels
Buildings consume 40% of the total energy and emit 36% of greenhouse gases in Europe, therefore represent a high potential for energy savings. Large scale renovations of existing buildings towards Zero Energy are in the forefront of EU and national policies.
High energy performance/ efficiency
Renewable energy sources
Zero energy hotels
Rethymno, Greece
Higher education and research institution(s): Technical University of Crete
1,736,804.00 €
Tools and methodologies
ConsumelessMed Label in Mediterranean regions
The Consume-Less Project: Consume Less in the Mediterranean Touristic Communities, (in short - Consume-Less) aimed to significantly reduce energy, water and waste generated by tourist influx specifically in coastal and tourist areas through the introduction of the territorial label called “ConsumelessMed Label”.
Sustainable tourism
Energy Efficiency
Waste Management
Water management
Gozo, Malta
Sectoral agency/ies: The Energy and Water Agency
2,635,000.00 €
Sustainable Energy Action Plan
The SEAP is a Plan in order to accomplish the goals established by the Covenant of Mayors to fight against climate change. The Plan is affecting the majority of productive sectors in the city except both agricultural and industrial sectors.
Reduction of greenhouse gas emissions
Promoting renewable energy
Energy Efficiency
Palma, Spain
Public Authority/ies (Local): Jose Hila, Mayor of Palma
341,034,686.7 €
Concrete solutions
Kythnos Smart Island
The Smart Islands Initiative is a bottom-up effort of European island authorities and communities which seeks to communicate the significant potential of islands to function as laboratories for technological, social, environmental, economic and political innovation.
Clean Energy
Water saving
Kythnos, Greece
NGO(s): DAFNI – Network of Sustainable Greek Islands
7,980,000.00 €
Concrete solutions
Citizenship, in responsible tourist class
Citizenship, in responsible tourist class is an educational project that shows the social value and the human potential to create a better world through actions, behaviors and daily attitudes.
Citizenship participation
Cultural diversity
Environment protection
Gender equity
Human rights
Alto Guadalquivir, Spain
NGO(s): Asociación Centro de Iniciativas para la Cooperación Batá (CIC Batá)
68,000.00 €
Concrete solutions
European SETCOM - Sustainable Energy in Tourism dominated Communities
The European SETCOM project aimed to raise awareness on energy related topics and encouraged the use of sustainable energy in tourism across Europe.
Energy awareness
Resources saving
Cross-national cooperation
Potsdam, Brandeburg, Germany
Business support organisation(s): Potsdam Chamber of Commerce and Industry
1,383,586.00 €
Policy Instrument
Sustainability covenant and energy saving schemes of Torroella de Montgrí - L’Estartit
Torroella de Montgrí signed the Covenant of Mayors for Sustainable Energy in 2012 and approved the Sustainable Energy Action Plan in 2013. This is a European Union initiative to foster participation on the part of citizens and local government in the fight against global warming and climate change.
Sustainable commitment
Heritage protection
Political commitments
Torroella de Montgrí and L’Estartit, Girona, Spain
Public Authority/ies (Local): Municipality of Torroella de Montgrí-L’Estartit
1,000,000.00 €
Pilot sites
Rethymno, Crete
Concrete solutions
Electromobility supported by RES
The local demonstrator aims to combine Renewable Energy Sources and mobility. It consists of infrastructure for both e-cars and e-bicycles/e-scooters.