Best practices

Tools and methodologies
CASTWATER project under Interreg Med (2016-2019) supported the sustainable tourism water management in Med coastal areas, by improving the monitoring and assessment of the water sustainability performance of the tourism sector.
Water management
Online tool
Sustainable development
Self-assess water efficiency
Sustainable tourism
Rethymno, Greece
Public Authority/ies (Local): Municipality of Rethymno
600,000.00 €
Tools and methodologies
EU LIFE+ Investing in Water Project
The project focused strongly on direct contact with enterprises, particularly through Face to Face Meetings, Workshops and Monitoring of Project Progress. The project’s objectives were to bring about a 10% decrease in water consumption amongst 20% of its target audience, through identification and dissemination of best practice amongst hotels and businesses.
Save water
Water efficiency
Wastewater treatment
Republic of Malta, Malta
Business support organisation(s): Malta Business Bureau, Business support organisation(s): Malta Chamber of Commerce, Enterprise and Industry, Business support organisation(s): Malta Hotels and Restaurants Association
334,642.00 €
Green Key ecolabel
The Green Key award is a leading standard of excellence in the field of environmental responsibility and sustainable operation within the tourism industry. It has been awarded to 3,200 establishments in 65 countries making it one of the largest international tourism ecolabels for tourism accommodation (109 establishments in Crete awarded with the Green Key, 24 of which in Rethymno).
Environmental and sustainability management
Environmental and sustainability awareness
Sustainable tourism
Rethymno, Greece
NGO(s): World Tourism Organization, NGO(s): UNEP
• Hotels 1000€ annually • Campsites, holiday parks, conference centers 750€ annually • Small accommodations, attractions, restaurants 500€ annually • Plus additional audit costs 500€ for each category
Concrete solutions
“Sustainable Tourism” Projects of the campsite “La Fontaine du Hallate”
The objective of this campsite was the creation of an environmentally friendly and handcrafted accommodation.
Eco camping
Sustainable accommodation
Energy footprint
Plougoumelen, Bretagne, France
SME(s): Camping La Fontaine du Hallate
Subsidies and premiums for the implementation of solar panels to heat the water, the lighting methods and the systems to reduce the consumption of water.
Concrete solutions
Teruel Siente Responsible Tourism Award
A comprehensive accompaniment to tourism stakeholders (both public and private: NGOs, public entities, companies) of the province in order to help them in the design and development of a long-term sustainability strategy.
Strategic planning
Sustainable strategy
Collaborative network
Rural and inland development
Sustainable practices implementation
Teruel, Aragón, Spain
Public Authority/ies (Regional): Teruel Province Government
50,000.00 €
Pilot sites
Collection of Rainwater Runoff and reuse
The local demonstrator for Gozo pilot area will consist in the construction of an underground water reservoir in the village of Kercem. The water reservoir will gather rainwater runoff, whereby this water will be used for landscaping an adjacent public garden.